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ÖkoPro - Bioeconomic processes in agriculture

Microalgae production can be a beneficial supplement in agricultural processes to optimize yields. Algae farming recycles unused nutrients, CO2 and heat from biogas plants and other problematic surface waters.

Coupling agriculture with modern algae production

ÖkoPro integrates algae and aquatic biomass production into agricultural processes (e.g. by surface water treatment for biogas plants).

ÖkoPro focuses on reusing residues from biogas plants (and other surface waters) and their subsequent use to further optimize agricultural production efficiency per area. The project thus adresses problematic residues of standard processes in biogas plants which are yet unsolved.

In the project, different promising microalgae systems are tested, process parameters are evaluated and targeted aquatic biomasses are analyzed with respect to important parameters. Possible and worthy of testing here are especially productions for petfood and cosmetics.

Decentrally occurring nutrients, CO2 and heat surpluses are reused directly and sensibly.

Constant quality control is ensured by a toxicologically constantly monitored (micro) algae production.

Microalgae - universal talents