It's time for BLUE!
Blue bioeconomy in Northern Germany contributes to more sustainable use of marine and aquatic resources.
Lead by example
Our member institutions and companies develop new technologies and solutions for blue bioeconomy. Learn more about our flagship projects.
Small blue heroes!
Blue mussels (Mytilus edulis) can be found on all German coastlines. This species is very well adapted to this highly dynamiy environment. Learn more about the blue mussel as an important raw material for blue bioeconomy.

The Blue Bioeconomy in Northern Germany supports the transition to a bio-based economy throughout Germany.

Blue bioeconomy is the generation and use of marine / aquatic biological resources in order to provide products, processes and services in all economic sectors. Find out more about how we can tap this potential and thus contribute to solving many of the challenges of our time.

Bioeconomy at Marine Sites: A non-profit association

The Blue Bioeconomy in Northern Germany is an umbrella brand of the Bioeconomy on Marine Locations (BaMS) e.V. from Kiel. Find out more about the association, its structure and how to become a member.


Symposia, partner visits and highlights from the blue bioeconomy innovation space.

Our Projects

Progress, background and contact persons for our seven current bioeconomy projects.

Aktuelle Meldungen und Veranstaltungen
14.09.2022 – 15.09.2022
Störtebeker Brauquartier Stralsund. Kühlschiff
BaMS Symposium 2022
10.08.2022 – 10.08.2022
Wissenschaftszentrum Kiel, Fraunhoferstr. 13, 24118 Kiel
Matchmaking Workshop Dry processing of algae

How to process micro- and macro- algae for different purposes.