Implementation strategies

We support projects that contribute to a measurable impact on the blue bioeconomy.

Our particular focus is on six areas of activity.

BaMS business - development of viable business models

- Creation of new business fields based on reliable data and competent management consulting from BaMS

- Presentation of blue business plans to relevant investors and financiers

BaMS startup - company foundations and incubator

- We are reaching out for founder teams to go through the incubator program of BaMS and its partners

- We advise already established companies as well as start-ups in terms of blue bioeconomy

- We want your blue ideas to develop towards the next bigger step (B- and C-Series)

BaMS® - Marketing of the Bioeconomy at marine sites - brand

- For more visibility of the blue bioeconomy: The BaMS brand will gain recognition value in the B2B area, but also in connection with consumer products

- Additional steps towards a certified bioeconomy

BaMS growth - Development of the BaMS concept and integration of new components

- Qualitative and intense professional exchange with other, comparable clusters in Germany and worldwide

- We aim for international cooperation projects with the same goals

BaMS edu - training and securing skilled workers in the region

- We support the recognition of training and further education measures by BaMS members

- We support / maintain qualified permanent jobs that have been created with the BaMS members

BaMS Society - Ensuring social acceptance

- We want to achieve measurable changes in the consumption behavior of food and other products

- We want to exchange ideas with NGOs and other interest groups and find common ways for a bluer economy