The Blue Bioeconomy is an information and communication offer of the BaMS association and Kiel University.

The content of the portal derives from the research projects of our members and is supplemented by independently prepared information offers on all subject areas of the blue bioeconomy. The members of the Bioeconomy on Marine Sites association (BaMS) include the leading universities, research institutions and companies from Northern Germany and throughout Germany. The establishment of the BaMS innovation space was funded by the BMBF with up to 20 million euros over five years (2019 to 2024). At Kiel University, BaMS strengthens the scientific focus of marine science (Kiel Marine Science). In addition to research projects, BaMS actively supports the development of demonstration site and the sustainable implementation of the project results in business and society.

BaMS association

The Bioeconomy on Marine Locations e.V. (BaMS) was founded as an association on September 30, 2019 in Kiel and entered in the register of associations of the Kiel District Court under the registration number VR 7064 KI.

BaMS Roadmap

The members of the innovation space bioeconomy on marine sites have formulated a strategic research and development strategy for the blue bioeconomy in northern Germany as part of a one-year process of expert workshops and technical discussions (2017-2018).

BaMS Innovation space

The BaMS innovation space is coordinated by Kiel University. The BaMS project office is at the side of all BaMS members and interested parties with advice and action.