Matchmaking Workshop Dry processing of algae

Before micro- and macro-algae are harvested, it must be already clear what is to be done with them. Because important decisions are already made during the drying process, that influence their properties and ingredients.

Properly treated, micro- and macroalgae are true champions of the blue bioeconomy. Whether produced on land or in the ocean, they serve a whole range of products for humans, animals and everyday life in a variety of ways.

Generally, this requires the fresh algal biomass to be dried and crushed for use in a formulation.

But how does drying and processing affect the ingredients that make algae so valuable?

How can the costs for energy and working time be reduced in the process?

How can the entire process be made (more) economically and ecologically sustainable? We would like to discuss these topics with you and selected experts from the fields of production, processing, trade and product formulation. Short impulse presentations will introduce innovative drying processes and compare them with the experiences and needs of the participants.

The aim of the workshop is to give an overview and to find out where the needs for more research, development and technology transfer exist among the participants. Food and beverages will be provided during the event. Binding registration is requested by 05.08.22 using the form below.Participation in the workshop is free for members of the Innovation Space Bioeconomy on Marine Sites.

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